Hey and Welcome to the next Lesson.

Guys, I have a confession to make…

I didn’t like the Miles Morales movie.

I know, I know, it’s sacrilegious, but hear me out.

In 2017, we were greeted to our first Miles Morales experience on the big screen and, it was kind of a big deal as it was, yet again, another new interpretation of Spider-Man, but as I was watching it, I couldn’t help but feel annoyed and, in a way, hurt.

From its questionable canon to its downright disappointing choices in narration, that movie was just downright upsetting at times.

But the worst part, the absolute WORST SIN this movie committed was MILES MORALES WASN’T EVEN IN IT.

I’m talking, of course, about Spider-Man: Homecoming.

What? You thought I meant Spider-Verse?

That movie is a masterpiece, what are you insane?


Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say this movie is bad. It isn’t. In fact, there are genuine moments where I can do nothing but smile at what’s on screen.

Hell, ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched, it’s been known to take a great deal of its stories from the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics: Nick Fury’s design, the first Avengers film had countless callbacks, Hawkeye’s kids (and their fates, unfortunately), hell even Iron Man’s suit in this film is paying homage to the Ultimate suit.

So, taking inspiration is nothing new, but this is borderline plagiarism.

Peter Parker is not Miles Morales. Each have their respective stories and each deserve their own credit, but Miles more so.

Miles made his debut in 2011 and was met with overwhelming negativity at the thought of a Black kid replacing Peter Parker. Yet, through all the hate, rants and speculation Miles proved he was here to stay. Additionally, it felt amazing (ha!) to have a Spider-Man with more diversity.

Which is why it hurts so much to see so much more to see such blatant rip-offs of Miles’ story.

Don’t believe me, just watch!

Ned Leeds / Ganke Lee

This one is easy.

Jacob Batalon is already perfect casting and even plays his role with flying colors. He’s also just two shades darker than Ganke Lee, Miles’ best friend. It’s not even subtle how closely they made Ned into Lee. It’s just sad knowing we’ll never get that awesome bromance in the MCU.

Now, Spider-Verse 2…

Suit from Stark/Shield

When Miles started out, he had a Halloween costume of Spider-Man. It isn’t until later on both he and Peter got their suit from S.H.I.E.L.D. or, in Peter’s case, Tony Stark. It’s a real bummer because it takes away from Peter building his own suit without the bells and whistles of an Iron Man suit. This does look to be rectified in Far From Home, but here?

Not a chance.

Villain is girlfriend’s Dad

No one can say they didn’t audibly gasp when it’s revealed that Vulture is Liz’s dad in Homecoming. It was a genuine shock that didn’t at all seem pandered or too easy to figure out…which is why it’s such a bothersome thing knowing Miles went through that, too, with his then-girlfriend Kate Bishop.

While in the comics, it’s revealed her father is a Hydra agent, it’s no less apparent where this particular nugget gets its inspiration from.

While not many, true, it does show when clear cut parts of Miles’ canon are taken to use for Peter’s. It’s like letting this character go through backlash just to let Peter come in and take his glory. Peter has countless stories over the 70+ years he’s been in comics, both mainstream and Ultimate – take inspiration from his own line of canon.

We know he’s got plenty to spare.

And this is one Clone Conspiracy I hope never happens again.

Well, that’s all for now. So, until the MCU stops or I get bit by a radioactive spider, I’ll see you for the next lesson.

Until then, class dismissed!

Author: R.J. LEE

Over the past decade, it seems pop culture hasn’t become just “pop” anymore. Comic book movies are multi-billion dollar corporations, comics aren’t only for weekly Archie specials and video games have become an electronic sport competing with the likes of the Super Bowl! What happened? Where did the time go? It can all be a lot to take in and overwhelming at times, but what if I told you it doesn’t have to be? Like everything in life, nothing is hard to learn, you just need the right teacher and that’s where I come in. I’ll be your Lingo Liaison, your Coach for Comics, your Tutor for Trends, your Video Game Guru, your sensei from Sin City — My name is R.J. and I’m here to answer your FAQ’s of Life.

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